BCREA 2020 Scholarship awards

The BCREA Scholarship Committee met virtually on August 7, 2020.

The following applicants were selected to each receive a $1,000.00 scholarship:


Holly Buonocore, granddaughter of BCREA member Patricia Buonocore, received the Ivan Suss Memorial Scholarship

Morgan Marron, granddaughter of BCREA member Claire Mihm, received the Dolph Haug Memorial Scholarship

Emily Montanez, granddaughter of BCREA member Diane Henry, received the Janet Bischak Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Papa, granddaughter of BCREA member Vincent Gorski, received the Mee Lon Yei Memorial Scholarship

Marco Reynoso, grandson of BCREA member Doris White, received the Carl Weber Memorial Scholarship

Brianna Rubio and Cassidy Rubio, twin granddaughters of BCREA member Robert Stolarz, received the Van Es Memorial Scholarship and the BCREA Scholarship respectively