NJ Budget Payment for Pensions

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NJ’s record-setting budget gets approved State lawmakers sent Gov. Phil Murphy an election-year budget packed with new spending on public-worker pensions, tax relief, special education, debt reduction and more.  Murphy…

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200K Education Summer

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BCREA members we want to let you know that NJEA will be calling all members for some feedback on their concerns.  NJEA has launched 200K Education Summer. At its core,…

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Election Dates to Remember

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November School Board, Primary and General Elections 7/26.......Deadline for nomination petitions for school board candidates 10/12.....Voter registration deadline (for Nov. 3 general election) 10/26.....Vote by Mail Applications due by mail…

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NJREA 100th Anniversary

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The NJREA 100th Anniversary Date is May 1, 2022 Plans are now ongoing for Spring 2022 Governor Murphys resolution about NJREA 100th Anniversary GovMurphyNJREA100th      

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NJ Covid-19 Info

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  Vaccinations are underway across New Jersey. Here is the link to the New Jersey Covid-19 hub: https://covid19.nj.gov/ Here is a link to the New Jersey website on Covid-19 vaccinations:…

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Health Benefit Updates

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  IMPORTANT NOTE: these changes do not affect members who are on Medicare SEHBP and Chapter 78 Relief On January 1, 2021, the School Employees’ Health Benefits Plan (SEHBP) will…

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