We want to take a moment to thank you, not just for supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but also for backing Democrats all across New Jersey and the country.

Last night, New Jerseyans re-elected Cory Booker to the Senate and sent frontline Democrats Josh Gottheimer, Mikie Sherrill, Tom Malinowski, and Andy Kim back to the House. In Colorado and Arizona, we elected John Hickenlooper and Mark Kelly to the Senate -- and we remain hopeful that more Democrats will pull off wins as the votes continue to be counted.

We are also grateful for every ounce of support you have shown for the various charities we have asked you to back since the COVID-19 crisis hit. As we all endure one of the greatest crises we have ever experienced, you have shown what it means to come together.

We are proud to represent you, but we are even more proud to stand alongside you.

Thank you for always showing your support and always showing up in whatever way you can.