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               Get ready to experience your benefits in a whole new way!

The New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits, as of January 1, 2022 will be known as

MYNJBENEFITSHUB, found at mynjbenefitshub.nj.gov

Starting on January 1, 2022, the SHBP/SEHBP Retiree Health Benefits enrollment process is moving to mynjbenefitshub.nj.gov There will be no more paper applications.

This will make it easier than ever to understand and make changes to your benefits, all online.

You’ll have access to tools such as Sofie™, your personal benefits assistant, and the MyChoice© Mobile App, which will allow you to manage your benefits from any smart phone or tablet.

Be on the lookout for more information to come on what you can expect on the new mynjbenefitshub.nj.gov “

(Text was copied from a mailing from NJDPB.)